Stringent investment approach

ROI Tactics evaluates and invests in companies that meet specific investment criteria within well-defined industry parameters. ROI Tactics uses senior advisors and consultants to complement its expertise and to accelerate the decision-making process.


Active board role

For start-up companies, strategic guidance is often more important than capital. In response, ROI Tactics will typically seek board representation in most of its portfolio companies. The management team's experience in founding and managing high-growth companies makes ROI Tactics particularly well suited to assume a strategic advisory role.


Rate of return targets

When evaluating potential investments, ROI Tactics looks for opportunities where significant revenue and profit potential can be achieved. Each portfolio company should have the potential to generate a 10-times return on investment.

Initial investment size typically $0.1 to 1 million

ROI Tactics generally provides multiple rounds of financing with an average aggregate investment size of $1 to 3 million. Investing in portfolio companies that are at early revenue stages provides access to quality deals at attractive valuations.


Concentration in US-based companies

ROI Tactics typically takes an active board membership role with portfolio companies. As a result, the majority of investments will be in companies located in the continental United States. ROI Tactics may also commit a portion of its capital to opportunities in other geographic areas where the partners can draw on their extensive personal and professional network.


Selective use of Senior Advisors

During the due diligence and investment management process, ROI Tactics will from time to time seek the advice and assistance of senior executives and consultants to whom they have access in those industries in which ROI Tactics plans to invest. ROI Tactics believes that drawing upon the special expertise and experience of senior advisors and executives in a highly targeted and selective manner will contribute significantly to the success of the portfolio companies.

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